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HERRY CONSEIL was founded in 2009 by Jean-Claude Herry and Xavier Parenteau, two professionals from the event and show industries committed to social responsibility and sustainability. HERRY CONSEIL is a responsible company (it obtained the French status “Entreprise de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire” in 2020) born from a firm belief: cultural, sporting or professional events have a role to play in the transition towards a more sustainable society. Because they mobilize professionals, regions and audiences, and by adapting their organizational models, events have the opportunity to contribute to a more responsible and sustainable world.


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Our expertise

With solid experience in the event industry, we offer tailor-made support to transform your organization towards a more sustainable, ecological and responsible model.

Our consulting services include training, studies & diagnostics, operational support and preparation for ISO 20121 certification (sustainable events). We help you strengthen your commitments, control your impacts, amplify your influence and engage your stakeholders for change.

Our clients

Since 2009, we operate at the heart of the event ecosystem. We support a variety of actors of all types and sizes such as event organizers, venues, suppliers, sponsors or local authorities, in the sports, cultural and professional sectors.


Our conviction

We believe that committing to sustainability represents an opportunity to make meaning and create value at all levels of an organization. We are convinced that every stakeholder can accelerate its sustainable transformation when supported and accompanied to define and implement its own approach to social and environmental responsibility.

Our ethics

Our work ethic is based on confidentiality, professionalism, active listening and caring.

We are agile: our team, spread across different regions of France, can visit your offices when needed and works remotely with fit-for-purpose and well-managed collaboration tools.

We put great value on creating a trusted relationship with your teams throughout our work together. Our partnership approach contributes to the success of your social responsibility and sustainability strategy on the long term.

We want to set an example in the way we conduct our missions. We apply a responsible management approach in our daily work and have obtained the French status “Entreprise sociale et solidaire” in 2020. For our own purchasing needs, we give preference to contracts with associations and companies with a responsible management approach, and who work towards integration and inclusion of all employees.

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